MoveTree utility in AD

Move tree.exe is a command line utility that enables administrators to move AD objects such as OU’s, Users etc between domains in a single forest. This supports organizational restructuring. Moving AD objects doesn’t mean that all objects are moved. There are exceptions like computer objects or the data associated outside the AD, which are not moved during a move tree operation.

When objects are moved, they are initially copied to the Lost and Found container in the source domain and are then copied to the destination domain. All objects which are moved with this command line utility are recorded in MoveTree.log file and all error messages are logged in MoveTree.err file. Objects that cannot be moved are stored in the same Lost and Found container itself. During a MoveTree operation, local and domain global groups are not moved.

Associated data that are not moved includes profiles, logon scripts, and users personal data. Although the group policy object link moves and continues to work, clients receive their group policy settings from the source domain.