Mostly used VMWare shell commands

Esxi related shell commands

chkconfig –list–Lists all services

/sbin/ restart–Restart all management services

/etc/init.d/servicename restart–Restart single service

vicfg-cfgbackup –s /tmp/hostname.cfgbak–Backup host configuration

esxcfg-info  >  /tmp/esxcfg-info.txt–Export detailed configuration file

esxcli  vm  process list–List running vm’s

esxcli  hardware cpu list–List cpu detailed functions

esxcli  hardware cpu global get–Show cpu supported functions

esxcli  system visorfs ramdisk list–List free memory allocated to ramdisks

esxcli  system version get–Show version information for ESXi

esxcli  software acceptance get–Show the hosts acceptance level

esxcli  system syslog config get–Show syslog configuration

esxcli  network firewall get–Lists firewall status and actions

esxcli  network firewall ruleset list–Lists firewall rulesets

esxcli network firewall refresh–Refresh firewall adding new ruleset

vmkerrcode errorcodenumber— Show description of VMKernel error

esxcli  system module list–Lists drivers loaded at startup

esxcli  system settings advanced –l–Lists advanced options

VM related shell commands

esxcli  vm  process list–List running vm’s

vim-cmd  /vmsvc/getallvms–List registered vm’s

vim-cmd  /vmsvc/power.getstate  vmid--Show vm’s power state

vim-cmd  /vmsvc/power.on vmid–Power on vm

vim-cmd  /vmsvc/ vmid–Power off vm

vim-cmd  /solo /register /vmfs/volumes/vmname/vmname.vmx–Register a vm

vim-cmd /vmsvc/unregister vmid–Unregister a vm

esxcli vm process kill –type –world-id id–Forcibly kill vm (type = soft/hard/force)

vmkfstools–Create/Delete/Modify VMDKs, RDMs, VMFS Volumes & storage devices

Find the storage and networking related commands here..


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