HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error in Windows Server 2012

While trying to start-up a restored Windows 2012 server, it thrown an error as shown below. If you come across such a situation sometime, this article helps you to solve this issue. The same issue can also be applied in the case of Windows 8 operating system too.

Server 2012 error


When installing or booting a windows 8 or windows server 2012 virtual machine, on a VMWare Esxi 4.x host, you may encounter this error. This is because VMWare 4.x does not support windows 8 or windows server 2012 as guest operating system.


Check the location where this virtual machine resides. This might be located in an Esxi host having version 4.x. To solve the issue, you might need to create another VM of same specs, in an Esxi 5.0 host. Or in specific, your host must have a minimum of 5.0 update 1 or 5.0 update 2 versions. I would suggest to do a host migration of the existing VM rather than a new VM creation in Esxi 5.0 Update 1 or 2 host…

You can find the required build number of the Esxi hosts here.


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