Windows system crashed with BSOD? Find the logs here!!

This was a new information to me and I am sharing the same for all others who’re not aware of this..

I was experiencing BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) in a test server, whenever I make the server up. BSOD gave me an idea on what the issue was, but not a greater amount of details. But happy to say, Windows has a location where you can get details of the reason of BSOD.

If a windows system crashed with BSOD, the system creates a log file with the reason that caused the system to crash. You can find this log file in the location “%systemroot%\Minidump\” or “C:\Windows\Minidump\This log file is created with an extension of “.dmp“.

Check the location above and if you couldn’t find it, don’t worry!!  This folder is created only when your system has crashed. So, go ahead and crash your system, you could find the folder generated 🙂  Minidumps are enabled in all systems by default and if you want to ensure once again, follow the steps below:

  • Start -> search sysdm.cpl -> Enter or (Right click on Computer -> Properties)
  • Click on Advanced tab and click Startup and Recovery Settings
  • Under System Failure, you can find the location of dump file

Dump file location

Next question is, how you read this file? You can’t read this file by changing the extension to “.txt” 😉 . There are some tools that we can make use of for reading this file. Bluescreenview is one such that can read these .dmp files.


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