Event ID 108 : Source – MR_Monitor in Windows

It was a fine morning, we noticed this strange issue within our Windows machine. Before proceeding into the issue, let me make you clear about our scenario. We have a total of 5 drives in our windows machine (C,D,E,F,G) and the major data resides in the drive E. We do access a share in this drive everyday to copy some contents. But while trying to copy the contents on this day, we were getting an error as shown below:


We were pretty sure that the location we try to copy does exist since this is a usual process. Checked on this windows machine, confirmed that the drive and path exist. Since I was not sure of why this unusual error, I started investigating the issue by checking the event logs. And there does exist the error (shown below).


Though Googling doesn’t gave me an idea on this event id, it was pretty clear that something is wrong with the disks from the event viewer logs. Next thing I considered was to check the “Disk Management” tab in Computer management (Right click on computer -> Manage) and there I could find that the three disks in uninitialized state, with no options to bring it online or initialize.

That was a bad thing which I could find. Out of my curiosity, I did looked in “Device Manager”, just to know whether this issue is an outcome of some disk driver problem. Under “Disk drives” when I clicked “Scan for hardware changes”, I could see that all the 3 affected disks were removed from the disk management tab, which confirmed that it is not a driver issue.

The probable causes of this issue will be either storage array or a controller issue. But the issue resolved with a simple trial, trust me, I just rebooted my windows machine and all those 3 disks were online again. And yet again Windows proved that almost all unknown errors will be resolved by a simple reboot 🙂 .



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