Windows Task Scheduler Error 2147943730 Reported

We all might have used task scheduler in Windows. It is a simple job to create a scheduled task. But I experienced an unexpected error, while scheduling. As you can see in the image below, it doesn’t gave me an idea on what the real issue is. Googling doesn’t displayed helpful results except for an article. This article will give you an idea on how to find the real issue, if ever you find such errors with task scheduler.

Task Scheduler Error

I couldn’t find what the real issue was by looking into this and event logs also didn’t tell me anything. However I could find the real issue by the steps below:

1. The error number was 2147943730, which is a decimal number. First we need to convert this in to hexa decimal format which is 80070532, prefix 0x with this since it is hexa decimal code making the result as 0x80070532.

2. Now the first four digits 8007 states that it is a win32 status code.

3. The last three digits 532 is a status code. Convert this hex code to decimal, and the result is 1330.

4. Finally, open command prompt, type net helpmsg 1330 and you will get an idea of what 2147943730 means. Simply, 2147943730 means Logon failure: the specified account password has expired.

Happy Error Investigation 🙂



11 thoughts on “Windows Task Scheduler Error 2147943730 Reported

  1. Very helpful… Although it does make me wonder why, they provide the provide an error code in Decimal, that needs to be converted to Hexadecimal, of which part of it again needs to be converted back to decimal, and then be run through net command to find the cause of the problem. Can they not make it so that the event log displays “the specified account password has expired” and save what appears to be a lot of us significant amount of time in trying to google this?


  2. Not only is this informative for this specific error, but this article will help me troubleshoot different errors down the road. Thank you very much!


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