RD Web Access and a weird error

Just an informative article if you’ve experienced the same while using Remote Desktop Web Access solution. Before proceeding to the main topic what is RD Web Access?

Remote Desktop Web Access allows users to access published applications or even allows RDP to any server, through a central machine (preferably RD Gateway) using web browser. Which means users browse to http://<your_web_access_server>/rdweb, login using their domain credentials and they’re able to use any apps published (by the system admin) or even remote to any other server.

So, that is all about what is RD Web Access. Now why RD Web Access? The major advantage of this is that you can restrict the port 3389 (of all server) to allow your RD Web Access server ip and deny any other. And for RD Web Access Server you allow just 443 to allow from public ip, strengthening your already secure environment.

Now to the scenario, this is for my POC and so, I installed all the components of RD in one single server, so my RD Gateway as well as my Web Access all are in one server. So, I’ve set it up everything and I did test it. I just typed http://<rd web access server>/rdweb in a browser and logged in using domain credentials, I couldn’t see a section which allows me to connect remotely to any other server (screenshot below) 😦 😦


Just tried the same from the RD Web Access server and there it works well, as shown below:

Usual Scenario


I strongly believe that it is something to do from MS part, but for now, given below can solve this issue.

1. On your RD Web Access Server, Open IIS and point to RDWeb -> Pages -> Right click -> Explore Directory
2. Move to en-us directory, so the entire directory structure would be like C:\<location_of_RDWeb_Pages_directory>\en-US\
3. Open Default.aspx file (in a notepad) and find for the keyword “Portal_Remote” (don’t worry there’s only one Portal_Remote).
4. Now, you would be able to find “display:none;” inside braces ({}). Comment it out like:
# display:none;

Now refresh the RD webpage and you can see “Connect to a Remote PC” link displayed.


One thought on “RD Web Access and a weird error

  1. Brian Rota says:

    Quick question for you. I know this is an old article but I made the connect to remote pc work. However the connect button does not work.
    Any thoughts on that?

    Thank you


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