DHCP Server – Basics

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a client-server technology that allows DHCP servers to assign or lease IP addresses to DHCP clients. DHCP server offers its clients, IPv4/IPv6 addresses to a specified period of time. A DHCP server provides IP addresses to a DHCP client through the exchange of a series of messages, which the process is termed DORA (Discover Offer Request Acknowledgement).
What DORA process is?

Remediation Servers

The term remediation means correction. As its name implies, remediation is the process of correcting something, here it refers to the process of correcting a client’s non- compliant health state to a compliant state.
While configuring NAP, it is possible to set some policies that must be applied on NAP clients. Only those who comply with NAP policies can access the network and enjoy the services. But what if the client’s health state doesn’t comply with NAP policies? This is where remediation servers play their role.