systemd – Booting Process

Before going through the booting process, make sure that you know something about systemd. If you are not sure, you may refer here and then come back.

While a system is booted up by starting the RHEL 7 kernel and initial ram disk, systemd initializes the system, starting all the system services. There involves a structure for the boot process.
There are many files that depend on the boot process structure, starting with file.

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systemd – An Intro

From RHEL 7, a new architecture has been introduced in managing the services and that is called as systemd. Controlling the services on how they’re started, stopped etc are now done by systemd.
Although the systemd replaces the init process, it still supports existing init scripts. On demand service start-up and better transactional dependency controls helps systemd reduce start up time.
Also, systemd helps user to prioritize critical services over less important services. Major features of systemd includes:

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Problem with “vi” editor while pasting

While doing some of the basic tasks in Linux (being a fresher 🙂 in Linux), I found an issue while pasting the content to a file. I had some contents in another file and I tried copy-pasting the contents to a newly created file (created using vi command). Once the content is pasted, I could see that all the lines in that content is appended with a hash string in the beginning (string turning into comments). I tried copy pasting several times which failed with the same issue. If you face such an issue, this post is absolutely for you 🙂 .

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