Windows Task Scheduler Error 2147943730 Reported

We all might have used task scheduler in Windows. It is a simple job to create a scheduled task. But I experienced an unexpected error, while scheduling. As you can see in the image below, it doesn’t gave me an idea on what the real issue is. Googling doesn’t displayed helpful results except for an article. This article will give you an idea on how to find the real issue, if ever you find such errors with task scheduler.

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IIS App Pool Getting Stopped – An Investigation

One fine morning on Friday, we were reported an issue with IIS. The issue was that the application pools in IIS is getting stopped once the related website is browsed, hence resulting in HTTP Error 503 : Service Unavailable. It was also reported that the development team has not done anything specific in their code, which means issue is unexpected.

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Event ID 108 : Source – MR_Monitor in Windows

It was a fine morning, we noticed this strange issue within our Windows machine. Before proceeding into the issue, let me make you clear about our scenario. We have a total of 5 drives in our windows machine (C,D,E,F,G) and the major data resides in the drive E. We do access a share in this drive everyday to copy some contents. But while trying to copy the contents on this day, we were getting an error as shown below:


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How DNS Works – Explained

DNS (Domain Name System) is considered to be the most basic block of Internet, which means Internet would collapse without DNS. So, What is DNS?

The answer is it is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computers or any objects that are connected to the internet. And now, why DNS is considered to be the basic block of internet?

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